STAT®️ Inc EQuine Affect(SM) Adult 6-Week 2-Hour Classes

Application: Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Group for Women & Individual Classes (Men & Women)

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Welcome to STAT®️. Let's embrace learning from a growth mindset, as we try new things and explore solutions with confidence!

You will have the opportunity to learn about emotional intelligence "EQ" alongside horses in STAT'®️'s EQuine Affect(SM) program. Catherine Markosky (STAT® Inc.'s CEO & Equine Professional) and Dr. Mel Jenkins-Fernández, Psy.D. (Clinical Psychologist and USAF Veteran) created the EQuine Affect(SM)—Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program.

Join us for an equine experience/retreat or a 6-week equine assisted individual class or a small group class (8 or less) of women or men to learn from structured, fun, and safe activities taught from a Growth Mindset (i.e., based upon the work of Carol Dweck, Ph.D.). There are also a few optional mounted exercises with our horses.

STAT®️ EQuine Affect(SM)

Catherine is the Equine Professional who ensures physical safety of both people and horses. Dr. Mel Jenkins-Fernandez, PsyD (Psychologist) is the Facilitator who provides emotionally safe ways to learn without the pressure to be perfect.

Why is EQ important?

EQ helps identify emotions in themselves and others, connect thoughts to feelings, relieve stress, improve communication, and show empathy to themselves and others. Horses respond to emotions and help us learn from observing them; they give us honest feedback, which helps grow EQ.

Learning Topics:

Learn about a Growth Mindset: Challenges, Obstacles, Effort, Criticism, Success of Others & the Power of YET.

When: TBD: Tu or Th morning, afternoon, or evening

Is this Program Psychotherapy?

No, this is an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program. This is not psychotherapy or trauma processing. You will not be asked to share or disclose your personal life in class. It is an opportunity to explore learning topics alongside horses. All potential applicants will get a call from Dr. Mel to answer general questions about participation in the program and to ensure a good fit for the small class program or individual classes.

STAT is a Trauma Informed Care Organization, with this approach, we understand how past physical and/or emotional trauma can impact learning and connection. We will discuss options with applicants that best fit their needs, respect their privacy, and answer questions about this program.

Program Options and Fees:

Veterans and Caregiver of Veterans: please apply through our VA Adaptive Sports Application here:

Horse Experience

No prior horse experience is needed to participate

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