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Please enter your account information below. We are using a secure, encrypted form. We will use these logins to deliver your services and to assess your marketing performance. If you do not have one or more of the accounts below, please simply type "no account" in the box. If you change a password, simply return to this form to enter the updated information. That will avoid any interruptions in service.

Facebook access can be tricky. Here is how to add us to your Business Manager account: https://zenchange.helpdocs.com/social-media/giving-us-facebook-access. To access your ads account we need to be added as a business partner. Here's how: https://zenchange.helpdocs.com/social-media/giving-us-facebook-ads-access
Here is how to add someone to your LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/37594
If your Instagram account is not linked to your Facebook page, here is how to do so: https://zenchange.helpdocs.com/social-media/giving-us-instagram-access
If we will send emails on your behalf, please provide access to your current CRM (e.g. Mailchimp, Constant Contact etc.). We will either need this to download your list to use in the software we have agreed for your services, or to send newsletters and drip emails directly.
This is the username and password to access the back end of your website. We will need admin level access. If you don't have this but can provide us with hosting access then that works too.
This is the access to your hosting server. Your current webmaster will know what this is. If you give us access to your hosting account, such as GoDaddy, then we can access from there.

Do you have brand files or a large number photos in a Google Drive, Dropbox or Box folder? Please provide access to info@zenchangeinc.com . If you only have a few you'd like to share you may email them to us or use the shared folders in your ZenChange Marketing portal.

If we will use WhatsApp, please list the mobile numbers and contact names so we can set up a group chat.
Any other accesses you'd like to share?

Your information will be encrypted.