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Your interest in the Peers Teens and Parents Training Programs are highly appreciated. This program is offered by Vybrant Potentials, a neurodivergent consultant agency, and will be solely conducted on zoom for 16 weeks. The Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERSĀ®), is an evidence-based social skill program facilitated towards individuals within the neurodivergent community.

For each grouping, we make compatible groups of participants ranging from 8 to 10. We are strategic in our lesson planning and group individuals with similar interests together.

Spaces are limited, so if interested please complete the following Intake Forms and you will be guaranteed a space in our Program(s).

Teen Section

To be completed by the teen enrolling in the Peers Teen Program

Social Coach Section (Parent's Training)

To be completed by the social coach. A teen's social coach should be someone who can support the teen through the Peers Teen Program, such as a parent, who helps to reinforce learned skills outside of the sessions. Each teen should have 1 coach who attends every PTP session.

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1 is needs repeated prompting, 5 is responds independently.
1 is needs repeated prompting, 5 is follows directions independently.
1 is NOT interested, 5 is very interested

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