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Adult/Guardian: I hereby consent to the treatment indicated on my examination form, including the use of any anesthetics, sedatives, or x-rays, as may be deemed necessary by the doctor.


I agree that I am responsible for all services rendered to the Patient and that payment is due and payable to the Practice at the time services are rendered and that health, dental and accident insurance policies are an arrangement between my insurance carrier and me. I agree to pay all deductibles and co-pays at the time of service (if I have dual insurance coverage, my co-pay or deductible will be based on the primary coverage). I understand that while the Practice will file claims with my insurance company on my behalf, I remain responsible to the Practice for what is not paid by my insurance company. I also understand that if the Practice cannot verify insurance benefits eligibility for me prior to treatment that I will pay in full for the services at the time they are rendered. I understand that the practice may charge: 1) a late fee if payment on my account is not received by the due date; 2) an amount equal to $35.00, but not to exceed the maximum amount permitted by law for each returned check, and 3) a fee for each appointment that is missed/canceled without at least 24 hours advance notice. I agree to the extent permitted by law, that if my account balance is referred to any agency or attorney(s) for collection purposes, to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and any expenses or costs relating to the collection proceeding, including court costs. I understand that if treatment or care is suspended at any time by the patient, all fees for professional services rendered will be immediately due and payable. I authorize payment directly to the Practice.

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