Racial Trauma Support Group

Creative Counseling and Studio, Omaha Nebraska

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Thank you for reaching out to us for services with Creative Counseling and Studio! The goal of the Racial Trauma Support Group is to provide a space for People(s) needed support for coping with racial injustice. Please complete the form below and we look forward to connecting with you!

Primary Client Information

What topics would you like to work on in individual counseling? Any health insurance coverage?

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Group Time Preferences

Group date availability varies.
Please specify what you would like to work on in therapy. In addition to any special accommodations that you may need to participate in racial trauma groups.


A request for services is not a guarantee for services. Group therapy participation is an open forum. We will work diligently to maintain strict confidentially. With group participation, you run the risk of your protected health information being shared by other group participants. Please note, that Creative Counseling and Studio cannot be held liable for any specific results of your participation in group.

Online group participation will require you to supply all needed materials, this will include but is not limited to: an electronic device, internet access, art materials, etc. A secure Zoom link will be provided for you upon completion of the sign up sheet.

We look forward to working with you. Take care!

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