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DIRECTIONS: Please complete all parts of this application. Payment for the appropriate amount of dues online or by check must accompany your application; consult the membership categories page of our website to calculate dues and for the link for payment. Please also submit with your member application a current headshot for the PCMS directory and website. Membership in the Pueblo County Medical Society does not require membership in the Colorado Medical Society, but is strongly suggested.

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If elected to membership, I agree to conduct myself professionally and personally according to the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics and to be governed and bound by the Constitution and Bylaws of the society(ies) for which I am applying.

I hereby release, and hold harmless from any liability or loss, the society(ies) for which I am applying, their officers, agents, employees, and members, for acts performed in good faith and without malice in connection with evaluating my application, credentials and qualifications. I hereby release any and all individuals, organizations, and agencies or their authorized representatives from any liability concerning information provided about my professional competence, ethical conduct, character, and other qualifications for membership.

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Please email application to or postal mail to: 1925 E. Orman Ave., Ste. A448, Pueblo, CO 81004

Once your application is approved, you will receive a dues receipt via your preferred email address. Please attach your professional photo for use in our pictorial directory and Website.

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