Financial Policy Form

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In the interest of good communication and our continued commitment to provide the highest quality of dental care available to all of our patients, we have established a Patient Financial Policy. It is our hope that this policy will facilitate open communication between us and help avoid potential misunderstandings, allowing you to always make the best choices related to your care.

We are committed to support you in understanding your dental health, and will always present you with the best dental solution possible to treat your personal situation. To make these services comfortably affordable we are pleased to offer you the following payment options. Please select one.

We will, as a courtesy, process your insurance benefits in our office. All questions regarding your insurance benefits must be addressed to your insurance carrier.

I agree that I am fully responsible for the total payment of all procedures performed in this office – this includes any treatment that is not a benefit of any dental insurance that I may have. I understand that any estimated portion, not covered by insurance, is due at time of service for all services rendered. I understand that all services are due to be paid within sixty (60) days of date of service, regardless of whether or not my insurance benefits have been received. One percent (1%) per month interest, twelve percent (12%) per year will be charged on accounts 60 days from treatment date. I also understand that should credit be extended to me by this dental office, a credit check will be made through TRW or other credit services and I authorize release of all financial data.

Please make your questions and concerns known to our Accounts Manager who is happy to discuss this policy and ensure that you have an outstanding experience.

I authorize the provider to initiate a complaint or file an appeal to the insurance commissioner or any payer authority for any reason on my behalf and I personally will be active in the resolution of claims delay or unjustified reductions or denials.

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