KAP Payment Form

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Credit Card Payment Form

Kid Approved Pediatrics is now setup to process payments for statements & outstanding balances through our secure online form.

  • I understand that my cc will be vaulted securely in a HIPPA compliant cc system for current/future payments..
  • I understand that should my cc on vault be declined in anyway, KAP will require another form of payment. If secondary payment is un-successful by means of contact or not able to process payment, KAP may choose to suspend patient from future appointments till payment or outstanding balances are resolved.
  • I may revoke the right to have a cc vaulted by contacting KAP in writing either by mail or email: staff@kidapprovedpediatrics.net.
  • I authorize KAP to charge the cc for payment list below.
  • I authorize KAP to vault my cc for future payments.

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