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Thank you for reaching out to Olympia Therapy. We are grateful that you’ve inquired about mental health services with us. We strive to keep up with the mental health needs of our community and know that it can be difficult to make this first step towards wellness. Please know that we are working diligently to match clients with a mental health provider as soon as possible, however, it can take time. Finding a good connection can make all the difference in therapy and sometimes that takes time.

While we work hard to get clients into therapy as efficiently as we can, it may take a few months to see a therapist, not unlike other specialized medical providers. This is dependent on many things including: level of care needed, insurance coverage, and availability on our clinician's caseloads. Expected wait times vary. At this time we are not providing services for cases with legal/court involvement and couples/marital therapy.

At this time, all of our Senior Clinicians who are able to bill insurance have full caseloads. Therefore, we can place you on our waitlist.

If you are eager to start making changes with your child’s mental health, one thing you can do prior to starting therapy is to engage in our Playful Wisdom Parenting Program by visiting Many behavioral issues with children can be improved or even resolved by making changes in parenting style and obtaining a better understanding of how to support your child and self during this stressful time.

The Playful Wisdom Parenting program was created by Cary Hamilton and her colleagues based on the parenting strategies they use most often with parents when their children are in therapy. We developed this program to support and meet the ever-increasing need for parents seeking mental wellness for their families. The skills and learning offered in Playful Wisdom are foundational for healthy child-parent relationships, even preventative and resilience building for stressful times.

If you are still interested in our waitlist, please provide us with the following additional information for each person wishing to be established:

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If you are an adult, type N/A


Be as detailed as possible. This helps us best fit you with a provider that will meet your needs. We do not have providers available for couples/marital at this time.
We are not accepting legal/court case/reunification
We are currenlty not accepting Tricare, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente Core, Cigna

****Licensed Clinical Associate****

Another option at Olympia Therapy is to be connected with one of our Licensed Clinical Associates. This option would have a shorter wait period, and you will be able to get in sooner than being on the waitlist to utilize your insurance. Please see the info provided below in order to determine if this would be a good fit for you:

At Olympia Therapy, we have Licensed Clinical Associates who practice under the supervision of our lead therapist Cary Hamilton. Licensed Clinical Associates have met all requirements and have obtained Washington state licensure to practice under supervision. As they practice under supervision, their services are not billable to insurance companies, therefore it’s an out-of-pocket cost of $60 for individual sessions and $110 for family/marital/couples. Interns are $30 per session.

Please visit this link to find out more about our clinical associates and pricing:

Licensed Clinical Associates.

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