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Moving Forward offers free short-term and affordable long-term counselling options to underserved communities across Canada via in-person, telephone, and online platforms. We welcome you to our judgment-free environment where you can get the help you need no matter your age, race, identified gender, financial situation, or location. Please fill out the form below.

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COUNSELLING SERVICE OPTIONS - Please choose either services with Intern (Student on a practicum) or Registered Therapist.

Health Authorities, Education, Corrections and Ministry of Children and Family Development are responsible for publicly-funded counselling, and we do not receive any funding from those sources. We therefore operate on cost recovery. Because we are not funded by government sectors responsible for publicly-funded counselling, we can only offer up to 4 free sessions with an intern to clients who are unemployed.

By submitting form, I acknowledge the following:

I acknowledge that certain services may only be available to me if I am a low income earner. I understand I may be required to provide proof of low income. If choosing to see an intern, I acknowledge that I have not been able to access services through the agencies responsible for publicly funded counselling. I understand that these services have a maximum number of sessions.

I understand that if I am choosing a service with an intern, they may have limited prior experience and cannot offer specialized services, such as psychological assessment. They also will not provide detailed letters for court/probation/social worker.

Once an appointment is made, I will make every effort to attend. I will provide a minimum of 24-hours advance notice if I cannot attend. I understand that missed appointment fees may be charged and/or services will be discontinued if I miss multiple appointments.

I understand that while services are offered across Canada, MFFS is based in British Columbia, Canada, and follows provincial laws related to service agencies.

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