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Please note the following policies and procedures. If you have questions about any of the following information, feel free to ask for clarification at your intake appointment. Please initial where indicated.

Informed Consent

  • I agree to be treated by the provider listed above. I understand that my participation in treatment is voluntary and that I can terminate services at any moment.
  • I also understand that if I am court-mandated to engage in services, my termination of services can affect my legal case. Engaging in services are in no way a guarantee of specific legal outcomes.


  • The content of what is discussed within the confines of your session are confidential. As outlined in HIPAA, in most cases I cannot and will not disclose any of your personal information without your written consent.
  • The limitations of confidentiality include situations in which the counselor has reason to believe there has been an instance of child abuse or neglect, situations in which clients are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others, in case of emergency, or situations in which records are subpoenaed in a court of law.
  • Additionally, there may be times when it is necessary and beneficial for me to staff cases with colleagues, though when that need arises no personal or identifying information is shared.
  • To obtain a copy of certain parts of your record, please allow at least 7 days to process the written request. A Release of Information will need to be completed for every request.
  • A copy of the HIPAA Privacy Policy, which includes your rights and responsibilities can be found at You can request a paper copy of the Privacy Policy.

Court and Legal Matters

  • In cases that may involve court testimony, please be advised that my role is to help you and/or your family member find healing throughout this process. My priority is to honor the therapeutic relationship with you, as my client and it is not to gather evidence or to evaluate for custody, immigration cases, disability cases, or other legal disputes, unless otherwise agreed upon between the therapist and client.
  • Should you choose to subpoena me for court testimony in a civil or criminal case in order to testify as to my clinical experience with you or your family, the fee is $175 per hour, including travel and preparation time. Additional services, such as time spent speaking with attorneys or writing letters may entail an extra charge.
  • Please let your therapist know if you are currently working with an attorney, so that a Release of Information form can be completed and signed.

Telemental Health

  • I have completed specialized training in TeleMental Health and I have also developed several policies and protective measures to assure your PHI remains confidential. However, there are risks to the use of Telemental Health.
  • If we speak on the phone, there is a risk that someone may overhear or intercept our conversation. Additionally, if anyone has access to your cell phone bill they may be able to see that we talked, what date we talked, and for how long.
  • Text messaging is not a secure means of communication and may compromise your confidentiality. I do not utilize texting in my therapy practice for anything other than for scheduling purposes.
  • Email is not a secure means of communication and may compromise your confidentiality. Please know that it is my policy to utilize email strictly for appointment confirmations. If you are not using an encrypted email account, there is the risk, as with emailing any sensitive data, that that information may be intercepted by a third party.
  • Skype is not a HIPAA-compliant format for video chat sessions, but at times I use a HIPAA compliant therapy video conferencing website. If you’re interested in a telemental health session, I will give you directions on how to use this site.
  • Your communications with me will become part of a clinical record of treatment, and it is referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • It is the client’s responsibility to use devices that are secure. The client assumes all risks associated with using email to send information.

Your information will be encrypted.