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Thank you for contacting the offices of Dr. Thomas Bembynista for an appointment request. We will contact you by email to set up appointment. Normally we can see you within 48 hours. Please see office hours below and pick day and best time frame.




  • A.M. Green Hills 9 - 11
  • P.M. Overland Pk 2 - 5
  • A.M. Overland Pk 9 - 11
  • P.M. Green Hills 2 - 5
  • A.M. Overland Pk 9 - 11
  • P.M. Green Hills 2 - 5

We accept most insurances. We don’t accept KanCare , Ambetter, Humana and Missouri Medicaid

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You will be emailed back with the appointment time, please allow us a 15-minute window before or after the requested time. You will be sent a text message reminder a few days before your appointment. Thank You

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