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Thank you so much for considering us for psychological services! We are a specialty psychology practice that focuses on meeting the unique needs of high-achieving individuals and their families who are seeking services.

Our clients are often busy, multipassionate professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, creators, and public figures. Because they need wellness options that optimize their time, offer location flexibility, are uniquely tailored to their needs, and are delivered by highly-trained specialists:

  • All of our psychologists have PhDs in clinical psychology representing the highest education and training in our field
  • Our practice is 100% online using a HIPAA-secure telehealth platform and portal
  • Our psychologists are all members of PSYPACT, so we can work with clients in over 39 states

Please check out our INVESTMENT FAQ for any questions on rates, insurance, and payment and our GENERAL FAQ for everything else.

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If you are interested in executive or performance coaching, you may complete an application for individual coaching with Dr. Newman here or group coaching here.

A key predictor of success in therapy is the fit between the client and therapist. Please tell us what you're looking for in a therapist. Some things people have mentioned include things like: warm, funny, certain training, expertise, or using certain type of treatment, a certain gender, certain cultural experiences or knowledge all the way to things like getting art, pop culture, or football. Check out our article on how to find the right therapist and questions you can ask a therapist.

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Please provide more specific details regarding what you are currently experiencing. This will help us determine if our practice is a good fit for your unique needs or if we can help you find other resources. If you are in crisis, please call 911 or go to your nearest ER. We do not provide crisis or on-call services.

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We will try to respond to your request within 1 - 2 business days. Please contact our office at 704-444-0087 or email our Client Coordinator, Kristin Coen, at for more information.

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