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Please be aware that submitting this form does not guarantee eligibility for this service. Once you have submitted the form, Joel Moffat will review this information to determine his suitability to provide services to you via the online clinic. This decision is based upon Joel's availability at the time of your expression of interest, his strengths and experience, your location, as well as the logistics and limitations of an online therapy space. This decision is not a reflection of you, your value, your worth, or your need for support. Please allow up to 2 weeks between submitting the form and receiving contact from our admin team.

Please note, Joel Moffat Psychology is not a crisis service; there may be some time between reaching out and receiving a response. We may also have a waiting list for services. As such, if you require immediate support, please consider reaching out to your local crisis service, helpline, or see your General Practitioner for referral options. If your life is currently in danger, call 000 (if you are in Australia) or go to your local emergency department to seek urgent medical attention.

Please be aware that Joel is only able to offer psychology services (including therapy) to people residing within Australia. He is able to offer consultancy services to people outside of Australia, which tend to be educational rather than therapeutic in nature.


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