Records Request

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Please note that ITS retains records for 5 years following the final date of service, in accordance with WAC 246-809-035. Any records outside this limitation have been destroyed.

If an ROI has not been completed, the Client may fill one out by printing and signing this PDF Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information - ROI, or calling ITS at 253-460-7248 and requesting the form be added to their Client Portal so it may be completed digitally. Hard copies may be scanned and emailed to, faxed to 253-564-4409, or brought in person.

If Specific Date Range
If Specific Date Range

Please note there is a fee associated with Records Requests. If the Client is requesting their own records, there is a flat rate of $6.50.

If someone other than the Client is requesting records, charges are based on WAC 246-08-400:

Fees must be paid before ITS may release the records.

Please also note that all records requests are prepared by the client's therapist. If the therapist is no longer with our office, the records request will be prepared by the therapist's supervisor or one of the owners.

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