STAT INC EQuine Affect™ SUD Recovery: Equine Assisted Learning Program

Horse Supported Recovery for Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

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What this EQuine Affect™ IS: 12 Weekly; 2-hour Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions for individuals, Men’s and Women’s small groups for people challenged with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). EQuine Affect™ is a mostly ground based, with optional mounted exercises, Personal Development EAL program STAT Inc. has designed to support your courage and growth in recovery. It is an adjunct recovery supportive service.

You will have the opportunity to explore emotional intelligence, as you learn more about yourself through EAL sessions, which are strength based and resiliency focused. Rain or Shine, we are ready to work with you, for you. You can apply for the program scholarship while completing residential treatment or after 30 days of sobriety. *Some restrictions apply.

What this program IS NOT: an exclusive riding or horsemanship skills training, a SUD or diagnostic psychiatric evaluation, or psychotherapy processing group. Our intention is that you learn more about yourself and personal growth in recovery from horse and human team members.

Veterans: to participate in STAT's Recovery Program for Veterans made possible through the VA Adaptive Sports Grant click on the application link: Veteran Application

Currently, applicants can submit this application to be placed on a WAITLIST, as we await grant funding. We are hopeful to have future funding to offer this program again at no cost.

Please complete the confidential and encrypted EQuine Affect™ Participant Application web form below. Upon review of the application, a screening interview phone call by a STAT Staff member will be scheduled to ensure a good fit for the grant funded program.

Program Participation Info

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IF YOU ARE DETERMINED ELIGIBLE FOR THE EQuine Affect™ PROGRAM: you will be required to sign a Program Participant Agreement after which you will be known as a “Program Participant.” The agreement requires all participants to:

  • attend all 12 week sessions
  • have their own transportation to/from the program site for 12 sessions
  • have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety and continue to abstain from using substances (If confirmed or suspected of using substances, the scholarship and services are terminated)
  • sign additional waivers, confidentiality agreement, authorizations, and documentation as required
  • complete required inventories and Program Surveys
  • may also require a referral from a current treating mental health provider and/or substance abuse counselor for agreement of readiness and suitability to participate in this Program
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Thank you for contacting STAT Inc. about the EAL Recovery Program. By submitting this form you attest the information provided is accurate and you are the above named individual. A STAT Team Member will be in touch soon.

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