Genetic Counseling Billing Form

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Patient Information

PARTNER INFORMATION (if the patient is pregnant, then "partner" is the father of the pregnancy)

Client Information

Fort Worth Perinatal Associates | Client/Sub Client #s: 3204961320497

Billing Insurance Information / Informacion De Seguro Para Cobro

(Complete Section 1 if you are paying by cash OR Section 2 to have your insurance company billed.)
(Lienar Sección 1 si pago es en dinero efectivo. Lienar Sección 2 si quiere que su cuenta sea enviada a su seguro medico

Section 1

Medicare: (Copy of card required/Copia de la tarjeta)

*Do not attach credit card Information to this form

SECTION 2: Copy of Insurance card (front & back) required, attach copy of authorization If available. Copia de Ia tarjeta del seguro (parte delantera y posterior), adjuntar copia de Ia autorizacion si está disponible.

Non-authorized services will be billed to the patient. | Servicios no autorizados serán cobrados a Usted.


The charge for these services is separate from any other tests or
procedures. I authorize Integrated Genetics to furnish my designated
insurance carrier any information concerning my services that is
necessary for reimbursement. I also authorize benefits to be payable
to Integrated Genetics. I understand that I am responsible for any
amount not paid by insurance.
Many insurance carriers will pay only for services they deem to be
reasonable and necessary or a covered service. If my insurance carrier
determines that a particular service is not reasonable and necessary,
my insurance carrier may deny payment. If my plan does not cover
the genetic counseling or medical consult provided by Integrated
Genetics, I agree to be responsible for full payment

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El cobro de estos servicios son aparte de cualquier otro examen o procedimiento.
Yo autorizo que Integrated Genetics supla a mi seguro medico de cualquier
información que sea necesaria para reembolso. Yo tambien autorizo que los
beneficios sean pagados a Integrated Genetics. Yo entiendo que sat responsable
por cualquier cantidad que no sea pagada por mi seguro medico.
Muchos seguros medicos solamente pagan por servicios que consideran
razonables o necesarios. Si mi seguro detennina que algun servicio en particular
no es considerado razonable o necesario, mi seguro medico puede negar pago. Si
mi plan no cubre Ia charla con Ia consejera genetica o consulta medica provista
por Integrated Genetics, yo accedo hacenne responsable porIa cuenta en

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