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    About Dr. Paige M. Whitfield, DC, DACBN:

    Dr. Paige is a Doctor of Chiropractic and is board certified in Clinical Nutrition. Our clinic specializes in Personalized Nutrition, Cold Laser Therapy, Diet Modification, Family and Pediatric Wellness, and Functional Medicine. Her vision is to mentor and equip her patients with the tools necessary to achieve optimal wellness.

    At your appointment:

    We acknowledge the importance of our patient’s schedules, so we do our best to run on time. We will inform you when your appointment begins and ends so that you may make plans accordingly. This also ensures that you get your full scheduled time with the doctor.

    Office Fees:

    Our fees are based on the time that you spend with the doctor.

    New Patient (45-60 min. In-office visit or phone consultation): $350.00

    Existing Patient (30 min. In-office visit or phone consultation): $125.00

    Interpretation Fee (cost of the doctors time to review any outside diagnostics) $ 35.00

    Missed Appointment Fee (no call, no show for appointment) $ 90.00

    *Supplements and laboratory work are NOT included in the price of the visit. This amount varies from patient to patient based off their individual nutritional needs.


    All new and existing patient appointments or phone consultations must be paid at the time of services rendered. Payment for supplements, products and lab work must paid at the time of service. Our office accepts cash, check, and credit cards. We do not file nutrition appointments or related costs with insurance.

    Office Policy on Visits:

    We do require a full re-evaluation if it has been more than 180 days since your last visit. We enforce this because many things can change in six months and your requirements may change. It is our duty to give you the best care possible and if you have not seen the doctor in more than six months, a regular 30 minute consultation would be inadequate time to re-evaluate your health. Therefore, if you have not had an office visit or phone consultation in the past six months, you will need to fill out paperwork and plan for a 45 minute consultation either in office or on the phone which will cost the amount of a new patient visit. We believe that your health is very important and would never want to give you sub-par care or inadequate time. If you have an appointment within the six month period of your last visit, you are considered an active patient and may schedule regular appointments for the times of your convenience.

    Office Policy on Payment, Rescheduling or Cancellations:

    All new and existing patient appointments or phone consultations must be paid at the time of service. Payment is due at the time of services rendered for all appointments, supplements, products, and labs. If for any reason you need to reschedule your appointment we require 24 hours notice. If we do not answer the phone, leave a message with your name, your appointment time, your requested reschedule date, and return phone number. By giving us 24 hours notice, we are able to fill the appointment for another patient. In the event we do not receive 24 hours notice you will be charged the $90.00 missed appointment fee.

    Office Policy on Supplements:

    As you may know, the supplements that we use are very powerful. 95% of the supplements we carry can only be sold by a licensed healthcare practitioner or doctor. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously at Galloway Chiropractic Clinic. In order to insure that you are taking the supplements that you need, we will only sell you the supplements that Dr. Paige has prescribed for you. In addition, if you have not had an appointment in the last 90 days, we are unable to sell you any supplements. This is to insure that the supplements you are taking will only better your health. If you stay on such potent supplements without being evaluated to make sure that you need them, it could have a negative impact on your health. We do not want any of our patients to waste their money on supplements that will not benefit their health. Considering how quickly the body can heal and rejuvenate by complying with the 90 day evaluation we help protect you from complications and supply you with an up-to-date regimen that will assist you in reaching your wellness goals. For optimal results, we recommend you come in at the doctors suggested intervals.

    Thank you for your help in making sure that your health is appropriately monitored!

    We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your health.

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