Dental Health Savings Plan

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The dental health savings plan includes: two periodic exams, two regular cleanings, a panorex, 1 set of bitewing x-rays and any p.a. x-rays needed for one year for $189.00. The exams and cleanings must be completed within 7 months to be eligible for the plan. Any periodontal treatment needed is offered at a discounted rate. This plan is only valid using cash, credit card, and check. (Care credit can only be used with standard rates.)

Discounted Treatment

(20% off)

Limited Exam, Fluoride Varnish, Sealants, Fillings, Extractions, Periodontal scaling and Root Planning, Full Mouth Debridement, Periodontal Maintenance, Endodontic Therapy, Therapeutic Pulpotomy, Space Maintainer, and Teeth whitening

(10% off)

All Denture and Partial treatment, Crowns, Implants, Bridges, and Occlusal Guard

Your savings plan will be good for one year and this will start on the day you purchase the plan. Freeman Dental, PLLC is not responsible for making sure you have made all your scheduled appointments, this is fully the patient's responsibility. It is best to schedule your appointments in advance due to our schedule filling up very quickly. I understand the dental health savings plan is only good for one year and cannot be carried over to the next year. If you fail to use the plan you will not be refunded for any unused treatment. I have read and understood all the material listed above.

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