ADHD RS IV with Adult Prompts

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ADHD-RS-IV with Adult Prompts

The ADHD-RS-IV with Adult Prompts is an 18-item scale based on the DSM-IV- TR criteria for ADHD that provides a rating of the severity of symptoms. The adult prompts serve as a guide to explore more fully the extent and severity of ADHD symptoms and create a framework to ascertain impairment.

None - 0 | Mild - 1 | Moderate - 2 | Sever - 3

1. Carelessness

2. Difficulty sustaining attention in activities

Do you have trouble paying attention when:

3. Doesn't listen

4. No follow through

5. Can't organize

6. Avoids/dislikes tasks requiring sustained mental effort

7. Loses important items

8. Easily distracted

9. Forgetful in daily activities

10. Squirms and fidgets

11. Can't stay seated

12. Runs/climbs excessively

13. Can't play/work quietly

14. On the go, "driven by a motor"

15- Talks excessively

16. Blurts out answers

17. Can't wait for turn

18. Intrudes/interrupts others

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