Neuropathy Patient Paperwork

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1. In order of importance, list the health problems you are most interested in getting corrected:

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2. Is there a certain time of day any of these problems are better or worse?

3. Is your balance/walking ability affected? If yes, please describe:

4. List approximately how long you have noticed these problems in your life:

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5. Select the things you have used for these problems:

6. What do you think is causing your problem?

7. Name of all doctors you have seen for these problems and treatment you received

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8. Have your symptoms:

9. Is this condition interfering with any of the following?




This is a confidential record of your medical history and pertinent personal information. The doctor reserves the right to discuss this information with medical and allied health professionals per the informed consent. Copies of this record can only be released by your written authorization, unless you sign here indicating that we can release copies by your verbal request.

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Please give name, address, and office phone number of your primary care physician.

List ALL allergies/sensitivities to medication, food, and other items here:

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List the prescription drugs you are currently taking (or you may attach a list):

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List all nutritional supplements (vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, etc.) as above:

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Patient Quality of Life Survey

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7. What has that cost you? (time, money, happiness, freedom, sleep, promotion, etc.). Give 3 examples:

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