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Welcome! My team and I are excited to meet you and together discover your child’s unique needs. We strive to provide you with clarity, peace of mind, and the confidence to set your child on the right path. The first step is to tell us about yourselves so we can better assist you.

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If you are a resident of British Columbia, you may be eligible for a public assessment through the BC Autism Assessment Network, referred by your General Practitioner or Pediatrician. Referral form here.

Some parents prefer a private autism assessment:

  • Shortens wait-times.

  • Get clarity and peace of mind sooner

  • BC Ministry of Education autism funding and support for each child diagnosed with ASD

  • Earlier autism intervention: Up to $22,000 annually for children under 6 and up to $6,000 annually for children 6 – 18 (Ministry of Children and Family Development ASD funding).

In British Columbia, an average private assessment ranges from $2500 to $3700. Some places charge even more.

Dr. Chan provides expert assessment. An average ASD assessment with Dr. Chan costs $2699.

A word about your privacy. Our data collection is compliant with Canadian privacy laws and equipped with state-of-the-art encryption and security features. While we take every measure to secure your privacy, it is important you understand and consent to the limitations of online security before sending us any sensitive, private or confidential information

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