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Getting Started With Your Email Domain

Adding User Accounts To Your Domain

You can create a new user account by logging into our webmail interface with the administrator account for your domain.

Once you are signed in, select Preferences from the menu in the upper-right, then click on the Domain tab. You'll then see a link to add an additional user account.

Billing Information

You can access all of your billing info for your Hushmail account by clicking on this link and signing into our billing page with your admin account. From there you can view past purchases, download invoices and update your credit card details.

Hushmail HIPAA BAA Info

You will receive an email containing steps to complete your HIPAA BAA within one business day of signing up for your Hushmail for Healthcare account. You can begin using your account right away as the BAA will be retroactive to the date that you signed up for our service. If it has been one or more business days since you signed up and you have not received your BAA yet, please contact us using the form below and we will make sure you get it ASAP.

Closing Your Hushmail Account

To permanently close and delete your Hushmail account, sign in to your account on our website and compose an encrypted email to asking for the account to be closed and deleted.

If the email was sent encrypted from your Hushmail account, then the account will be closed and deleted within 2 business days.

When your account is permanently closed and deleted

  • Your email account and its contents are deleted. This is permanent and irreversible.
  • Some information may still reside in backups as per our backup policy.
  • Closing your account will not result in information being deleted from our log files.
  • Your email address will not be made available for reuse. A new account cannot be created with this email address.

If you have lost access to your account and still need to close it

We can close your account and cancel your renewal if you can confirm with us the last four numbers of the credit card we have on file for your account, if you paid by credit card. Alternately, if you paid by Paypal, please confirm the Invoice ID of the most recent payment.

This process will not delete the account but it will stop the billing renewals.

Contact us, we're happy to help

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