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The Trans Umbrella Project: To protect you from whatever storms may come It’s a scary time to be transgender or gender non-conforming. Thunderclouds are gathering, and legal protections against discrimination and violence are wavering, fallen, or ineffectual. Where the state can’t or won’t protect our Transgender/Gender Nonconforming/Nonbinary (TGNCNB) community members, the Chosen Family Law Center is proud to step in with the Trans Umbrella Project. A lack of identity documents that match one’s gender presentation and lived experience can be a barrier to employment, education, travel, and public benefits and services, and family relationships that aren’t recognized by the state can be ignored by institutions like hospitals, banks, and creditors. These are some of the practical obstacles that make daily life that much more difficult to navigate for TGNCNB people, and we are here with name and gender marker change support and advance planning and relationship protection documents to support you and your family, in whatever form it takes. We are proud to offer assistance to low income residents of NY and NJ who qualify with all that paperwork that you’ve been meaning to get around to. Please submit the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

(If you do not wish to submit this information here, we can also accept it by telephone.)
(If you do not wish to submit this information here, we can also accept it by telephone.)

FINANCIAL INFORMATION We serve clients up to 250% of the federal poverty line based on household size. Please consult the chart at to determine if you qualify.

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