Policy for Treatment of Minors

Dr. Aaron Tropmann & Dr. Gary Oyster

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A parent or legal guardian accompanying the minor is responsible for the payment of the patient’s account regardless of who holds the insurance policy. Unaccompanied minors can be denied nonemergency treatment until a parent or legal guardian is present or until such time as we receive written permission for the treatment and payment of the account.

We require that all minors be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the initial visit, we will see minors without a parent or guardian if the parent or guardian has provided written permission.

Authorization To Provide Dental Care For Minor

I authorize my child to consent to care and/or treatment at Aaron Tropmann, DDS.PA. & Gary D. Oyster, DDS. without my presence. By signing here, I indicate that I have the understanding and capacity to communicate health care decisions and that I am fully informed as to the contents of this document and understand the full importance of this grant. I understand and agree that I am liable for any and all charges incurred by the treatment of the above patient.

Custodial Parent Contact Information

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