Are you interested in group counseling at Angelus?

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Things have been busy at Angelus. We have been getting overloaded with calls for kids, teens and adults needing to start counseling and have had to start a wait list for the first time ever. To minimize any delays in counseling we are exploring ways in which to cut down that time. This includes both hiring on new clinicians as well as looking at offering group options. To make sure we focus in on the biggest areas of need we are reaching out and asking for feedback on which groups would be the most helpful now and in the future.

Here is how you can help:

  • Complete the following form indicating any groups you would be interested in personally attending or having your child/teen attend.
  • Complete your contact and insurance information.
  • We will reach out to you once we receive the form and verify your information and preferences.
  • You will then be placed on a list for your group preferences in the order that we received your confirmation.
  • Once we get enough response to start a group we will reach back out regarding when the group may be starting and schedule you for an intake if needed.
Give as much info as possible to help us see your needs and vision.

Client Information

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    Insurance & Payment

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      Please give us any background as to why the chosen groups would be useful to you and ways we can help support you through the process.
      Please let us know how you found our office, were you referred by someone, see us on social media or find us through a google search? This will help us with coordinating your care

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