ASQ 24 Month Questionnaire

23 months 0 days through 25 months 15 days

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Please provide the following information. Use black or blue ink only and print legibly when completing this form.

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On the following pages are questions about activities babies may do. Your Child may have already done some of the activities described here, and there may be some your baby has not begun doing yet. For each item, please fill in the circle that indicates whether your baby is doing the activity regularly, sometimes, or not yet.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Try each activity with your child's before marking a response.
  • Make completing this questionnaire a game that is fun for you and your child.
  • Make sure your child is rested and fed.
  • Please return this questionnaire.

At this age, many toddlers may not be cooperative when asked to do things. You may need to try the following activities with your child more than one time. If possible, try the activities when your child is cooperative. If your child can do the activity but refuses, mark “yes” for the item.



*If Gross Motor Item 6 is marked “yes” or “sometimes,” mark Gross Motor Item 2 “yes.”





Parents and providers may use the space below for additional comments

24 Month ASQ-3 Information Summary

1. SCORE AND TRANSFER TOTALS TO CHART BELOW: See ASQ-3 User’s Guide for details, including how to adjust scores if item responses are missing. Score each item (YES = 10, SOMETIMES = 5, NOT YET = 0). Add item scores, and record each area total. In the chart below, transfer the total scores, and fill in the circles corresponding with the total scores.


Cut Off

Total Score



Gross Motor


Fine Motor


Problem Solving




2. TRANSFER OVERALL RESPONSES: Bolded uppercase responses require follow-up. See ASQ-3 User’s Guide, Chapter 6.

3. ASQ SCORE INTERPRETATION AND RECOMMENDATION FOR FOLLOW-UP: You must consider total area scores, overall responses, and other considerations, such as opportunities to practice skills, to determine appropriate follow-up.

4. FOLLOW-UP ACTION TAKEN: Check all that apply.

5. OPTIONAL: Transfer item responses (Y = YES, S = SOMETIMES, N = NOT YET, X = response missing).


Gross Motor

Fine Motor

Problem Solving

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