Physician - Patient Email Communication Policy

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To better serve our patients, we have established an email address that our patients may use to communicate with the office manager. It is just one of several communications options that we make available to our patients.

Our Policy: Patients of this practice have the option of communicating with our office manager by email. Prior to doing so, we ask that you review this Policy Notice and sign below.

Please note that a copy of all email communications between you and this practice will be placed in your medical records file and treated like other information contained therein.

When sending an email to this practice, use our email address - Please include your full name. (Many email programs do not automatically include your name). In addition, please include the subject of your message in the subject line, so that your email may be processed and routed efficiently.

You may email us for routine matters that do not require an immediate response. DO NOT USE EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS IN AN EMERGENCY OR URGENT SITUATIONS. Please use the office phone (512) 329-5575 or the medical exchange (512) 458-1121 for urgent calls after hours, or for emergencies dial 911. For your privacy, some issues (e.g. AIDS or HIV, detailed mental health, substance abuse, work-related injuries or disability) are not appropriate for email discussion. Communications that are appropriate for email include: scheduling an appointment, billing questions, and prescription refill requests. Medical questions should be left on your doctor’s voicemail.

Our office will send you an automatic reply when your email has arrived. If you don’t receive this reply within one business day, please call our office. Also, any email we send to you will arrive with return receipt requested, so that we will know when you received it. The office manager generally answers emails within one business day. If you need a quicker response, please call our office rather than emailing us. To ensure your privacy, our physicians do not use email to communicate with patients. Please use their confidential voicemail.

We are committed to keeping your medical information private, including any information sent to us by email. However, email security cannot be guaranteed as messages are transmitted via the Internet. For that reason, please do not use email for anything you want kept confidential.

If you have any questions about these policies, please ask our office manager or your physician. If you understand our email policy and would like to add your email address to the ways you communicate with us, please sign and date below and return it to our office staff.

I do wish to communicate via email.

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