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Security: The on line process uses SSL encryption from your computer to the gateway server at Practice Partner and from Practice Partner to the Webview server in the office. We believe that the process is as secure as we can make at this time. If this is acceptable, please sign and return this form to our receptionist. If this is not acceptable, please do not sign up for this service.

DISCLAIMER: By typing your name below, you are signing this application electronically. You agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this application.

What is Webview?

Webview is a patient portal that allows us to send messages to you on line safely and conveniently through the Internet in a secure and confident manner. At the present time this is only a one way messaging service so ·if there are any questions, you will have. to call the office and arrange for a more detailed discussion with an appointment.

How Does Webview work?

You can access Webview from any PC with an Internet Connection. You simply go to:

From this screen, you enter your log in information, and can then view our messages to you and portions of your chart, including lab results.

Secure Messaging

An email is sent to your private email account with notification of a secure message from your health care provider. You then enter or go to a saved copy of the web view address, log in, securely view the message.

When you click the web view link you are connected to the web view gateway server that uses 128 bit SSL encryption to gather, send, and decrypt our communications. This provides a secure connection between you and the server.

How do I register for Webview?

Fill out the top of this form.

Registration Helpful Hints:

Email address: make sure that the email address that you give us is one that you use regularly. Make sure that your email program allows email from Webview@practicepartner.com or Webview@mckesson.com so that it will not show up in your SPAM box.

Passwords: You will be given a default password, after your first log in you will need to choose a new password, but our system restricts what may be used as a password ....

  • Length of password 6-16 characters
  • When changing password/cannot use the last 5 stored passwords
  • The system requires to have at least one letter, one number, and one character - @, $, &
  • System prohibits a password to include the user log in
  • - Passwords are case sensitive

After your Webview paperwork is turned in, please allow 5 business days for our Staff to set up your account. Please call our Front desk with any questions after that. Thank You.

Your information will be encrypted.