Patient Responsibility

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According to industry standards, New Orleans Podiatry Associates (NOPA) will file your medical claims for all applicable medical services and appliances rendered to you by our physicians. As a courtesy to our patients, this office will also send medical claims, letters, X-rays, and any other necessary information to your insurance carrier for the reimbursement of those charges.

As your insurance policy is a contract made between you and your insurance carrier, you, the patient, are responsible for monitoring the use of your policy's benefits and for remaining within your yearly maximum covered benefit allowances. In order to minimize confusion about financial responsibilities, it is the responsibility of you, the patient, to understand your insurance benefits, deductible responsibility, and copay obligations.

Prior to your visit, a NOPA insurance specialist will call your insurance carrier to obtain your policy information, however, that information is not always accurate. New Orleans Podiatry Associates and its representatives are not authorized to quote your medical benefits to you, and will only share with you the benefit information given to us by your insurance company. We make every effort to know how your insurance carrier will cover your care during your visit with our office, however, often the policy information we receive from insurance carriers is not accurate. It is your responsibility to call your insurance carrier before receiving treatment with this office to ensure we are a provider for your insurance plan, and to learn for yourself how you will be covered for your visit.

In all cases, if your insurance carrier places your treatment expenses to your financial responsibility, then you, the patient, are responsible for those charges, due on the date of service or upon receipt of the invoice. According to Louisiana law, insurance companies should respond to medical claims within thirty (30) days of receiving a claim. If we have not heard from your insurance company within 30 days, we will contact your insurance provider to investigate. We will also contact you, to request that you also call your insurance provider, as policyholders tend to have more influence with their insurance provider than do healthcare providers. After forty-five (45) days from the date of treatment, any remaining balance with any of our physicians for unpaid insurance claims (e.g. rejected, denied, or partial payments) will be your personal obligation.

The accounts of minor children are the responsibilities of their parents or legal guardians. In the event there is a non-collectible debt associated with the account for a minor child, the parent or legal guardian will be held responsible and their information will be shared with a recovery agency.
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