Consent for Release of Records

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authorize Austin Center for Psychological Care to release information to or gain information from

I understand that this information may be protected by Title 42 (Code of Federal Rules of Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, Parts 160 and 164) and Title 45 (Federal Rules of Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records, Chapter 1, Part 2), plus applicable state laws. I further understand the information disclosed to the recipient may not be protected under these guidelines if they are not a health care provider covered by state or federal rules.

I understand that this authorization is voluntary, and I may revoke this consent at any time by providing written notice, and after one year this consent automatically expires. I have been informed what information will be given, its purpose, and who will receive the information. I understand that I have a right to receive a copy of this authorization. I understand that I have a right to refuse to sign this authorization.

If you are the legal guardian or representative appointed by the court for the patient, please attach a copy of this authorization to receive this protected health information.

Your information will be encrypted.