Eclipse Mental Health Services

Compliance Policy

Please correct the errors described below.

Patient will abide by strict adherence to this policy or will be dismissed from the practice once compliance policy is exhausted.
Patients will be allowed 8 noncompliance issues per calendar year.
Noncompliance actions are as follows:

  1. Failure to take prescribed regimen of medication provided by Dr. Hayes
  2. Taking prescription medication not prescribed to you
  3. Failure to report Opioid prescriptions obtained in emergency settings or other providers
  4. Controlled Dangerous Substance abuse
  5. No show (2 no shows and you will be dismissed)
  6. Failure of Pill Count

Compliance UDS are 100% accurate. Arguing about your results will be an automatically dismissed.

Lost or stolen medication (with a police report) will only be replaced once. Your medication is your responsibility. You will endure the consequences.

Any rude or inappropriate behavior to me or my staff will result in automatic dismissal.

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