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Late, Cancellation and No Show policy

In an effort to give everyone the full attention they deserve, we ask that our families help us by arriving ten minutes prior to their appointment time. This allows us to have all the check in and vitals completed so that you are ready to be seen by your scheduled appointment time. We have the following policies in place regarding late arrival, late cancellation, and missed appointments.


If you arrive after your scheduled appointment time, we will need to reschedule your appointment and a $25 late arrival fee will be charged.


If your scheduled appointment is missed, you will be charged $50 for missed sick or follow up appointments and $100 for a missed well check or behavioral health appointment. Initial Behavioral Health appointments missed or late canceled will be a $200 fee.

We will dismiss your family if there are 3 missed appointments for the family.
Well check and Behavioral Health appointment forms must be completed at least one day prior to your scheduled appointment. If they are not completed within the required time frame, your appointment will be canceled and a $100 no show fee will apply.

New patients who miss their first scheduled appointment will not be eligible for establishment with our practice.


An appointment that is canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be charged a $25 fee.If you make a sick appointment for the same day and then decide to cancel it, we require notice within 1 hour of setting the appointment (i.e. you called at 9am, we would need to hear from you by 10 am in order to avoid a late cancellation fee).

***Automated appointment reminders are a courtesy only and should not be relied upon for keeping your child’s appointment.

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