Vaccine Policy

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It is the strong belief of all the physicians of DuPage Pediatrics that all children who are able should be immunized against vaccine preventable diseases as soon as possible.

We believe that the vaccination schedule as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is the best researched and most scientifically sound vaccine schedule as it provides the earliest and most robust immunity for children.

Based on that schedule, children will receive the primary rounds of all recommended and state-mandated vaccines by 2 years of age. Additional state-mandated vaccines are given at 4-5 years of age, 11 years of age and 16-17 years of age. These vaccines are required for school entry and attendance.

Therefore, it is our policy that patients receive the initial round of pediatric vaccines according to CDC and AAP guidelines by 2 years of age and that patients remain up to date on their vaccines throughout childhood and adolescence.

  • Any families not compliant with our vaccine policy or who have not created a plan with one of our physicians to obtain the necessary vaccines by two years of age will be asked to transition out of the practice.
  • Families who have expressed desires to not have their children who are currently under the age of two vaccinated or have not started the vaccination process by 4 months of age will also be asked to transition out of the practice.
  • New patients who indicate that they do not want to start or continue vaccinating their children according to CDC and AAP recommendations, or who are following a significantly delayed vaccine schedule, will not be allowed to join the practice.
  • Families who decide to stop vaccinating at any point for reasons other than documented medical contraindications to vaccines will be discharged from the practice.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be granted at our sole discretion; however, we expect to do so only under extraordinary circumstances.

We believe that unimmunized and under-immunized children are significantly more likely to contract vaccine preventable diseases and pose a serious risk to other patients who are either too young to be vaccinated or who are unable to receive vaccines for medical reasons. Allowing unimmunized or under-immunized patients to remain in the practice runs counter to our beliefs as physicians and creates an unacceptable risk for our patients, physicians and staff

The Physicians at DuPage Pediatrics, Ltd.

(For a more detailed explanation of our vaccine policy, please see the receptionist at our front desk or visit our website at .)

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