Medical Health History Update

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If you are using oral contraceptives, it is important you understand that antibiotics (and some other medications) may interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Therefore, you will need to use mechanical forms of birth control for one complete cycle of birth control pills after the course of antibiotics or other medication is completed. Please consult your physician for further guidance.

FOR ALL PATIENTS: I understand the importance of a truthful and complete Health History to assist my doctor in providing the best care possible. I have had the opportunity to discuss my Health History with my doctor. I hereby authorize the doctor to perform any and all forms of treatment, medication and therapy that may be indicated in connection with the dental care of the patient above and further authorize and consent that the doctor chooses and employs such assistance as he deems fit. I also understand that previous to treatment full explanation of the procedure(s) involved will be given by the doctor and/or his staff. I agree to pay for all the services rendered by this office

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