Newborn Insurance Reminder

Smita Parikh Mengers, MD FAAP & Wendy R. VanBronkhorst, MD FAAP

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Congratulations on your new bundle! This is an exciting and hectic time for you, so we’d like to remind you that for the well-being of your newborn, don’t forget to add your newborn to your insurance policy. Your policy does not automatically include your baby. Some policies will not cover hospital or office visits unless your baby is added within the first 30 days of birth.

Depending on how you’re insured, adding your baby could be as simple as updating your plan through your insurer’s website or mobile app. Or, you may need to contact the health plan director at your (spouse’s) workplace or make the addition through the Maryland Health Connection at 1-855-642-8572.

When adding your baby, confirm we are an in-network provider and the eligibility date begins on your baby’s date of birth. If you have an HMO, ACA or Medicaid plan, make sure Dr. Mengers or Dr. VanBronkhorst are the PCP (Primary Care Provider). Our practice policy allows only 30 days to update newborn insurance coverage. If you do not have active coverage for your newborn at the one-month visit or we are not listed as the PCP, you will be responsible to pay for all hospital and office visits our providers have done.

Please don’t delay. Visits and treatments that fall after the 30-day grace period may not be covered, and you may run into pre-existing condition rules if your newborn becomes sick or shows signs of developmental delays.

If you have any questions about insurance coverage in general, do not hesitate to call our billing coordinator at 301-337-2843 her name is Nancy

I understand that I need to add our newborn to our policy and have the PCP listed as Dr. Mengers or Dr. VanBronkhorst within the first 30 days of birth and that if I do not, I am responsible for fees associated with visits and procedures performed by Dr. Mengers and Dr. VanBronkhorst.

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