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1. Keep bandages clean and dry, DO NOT take bandage off 2. Elevate foot and leg with pillow (this is to keep the pains and swelling down.) Elevate higher than heart level. Remain off of your feet as much as possible during the first 45 hours. 3. Begin cold therapy or place ice in plastic bag or ice pack and apply to ankle area or behind the knee (above surgery site) 15 minutes out of every hour for the first 48 hours. Do not freeze the foot with continuous application of ice. This is to keep the pains and swelling down. Cover the ice pack with a towel so that moisture will not wet the surgical dressing. 4. Exercise your legs periodically by bending the knees and ankle (if possible) to stimulate circulation, prevent blood clots and avoid cramping. 5. If pain is not controlled by pain medication, remove ace wrap and wrap less tight. PAIN MEDICATION - take only if needed and only as directed. Take your other medications only as directed. CALL THE OFFICE AT ONCE IF: A. There is excessive pain not controlled by medication of ice. B. Excessive bleeding occurs (spotting of blood on the bandage is common). C. Bandages feel tight causing pain and numbness. D. Fever and or chills occur. F. Persistent swelling exists (despite elevation or ice application) G. Anything unusual happens to your foot that concerns you (such as falling, bumping, or injurying surgical site.) H. Shortness of breath, chest pains, excessive calf tenderness, nausea/vomiting. DO NOT: A. Change the dosage of your medication without calling the office FIRST. B. Drink alcoholic beverages while taking pain medication. C. Sit with legs hanging down for more than 10-15 minutes. D. Sit with legs crossed. E. Allow bandages to get wet or remove bandages. ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS • Restricted ambulation only with surgical shoes, crutches, off or on weight bearing. • When walking to the bathroom you MUST WEAR YOUR SURGICAL SHOES (s). Apply pressure to heel. You must not take a single step without the shoe. If you are using crutches, do not put the operative foot down if so instructed. TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT HURRY! • Call the office if you do not have a post-operative appointment scheduled. • Call the office in an emergency. ***HOSPITAL SURGERIES*** DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING 12 HOURS PRIOR TO SCHEDULED SURGERY TIME!!! STOP PLAVIX 7 DAYS AND COUMADIN/ASPIRIN 3 DAYS PRIOR TO SURGERY

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